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  • CANCELLED: Cancer Prevention Convention: Hemp, Health & Hope for Cancer (Theta Living)

CANCELLED: Cancer Prevention Convention: Hemp, Health & Hope for Cancer (Theta Living)

  • August 25, 2019
  • 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Sheraton Detroit Metro Airport, 8000 Merriman Road, Romulus

Stephanie McKeith of Theta Living writes:

"For four years . . . the Cancer Prevention Convention has brought light and hope to the word 'cancer' here in Michigan. What we have been conditioned to believe about treatment has been one sided. . . . There is an entire world of cancer treatment that we'd like to introduce you to: true integrative cancer care. 

". . . There is no 'cure' for cancer. . . .We are all unique individuals with unique chemistry, which makes every single case of cancer unique. This disease is not a thing. The word 'cancer' means many issues in the body that need attention and care. Merely attacking the cancer and not offering complete support to the patient is where we have fallen short. . . .

"You are invited to meet, greet and learn from leaders in integrative cancer care. These phenomenal people are focused and determined to change the way cancer is treated. August 25 will be a day of information and resources. . . . If you don't know what your options are, you don't have any. Treating the disease without treating and training the human it's in will never work.

". . . Our speakers are world pioneers in research and clinical applications. They look forward to meeting with you in a very limited-attendance convention [to give you] the opportunity to talk to [all of them personally] . . . ."

Stephanie McKeith, Dr. Nasha Winters and Steve Ottersberg, as leaders in cannabis/hemp/CBD options, will present, as well as:

Ty and Charlene Bollinger, The Truth About Cancer docu-series;
Dr. Darrell Wolfe, Doc of Detox;
Robert Scott Bell, The Robert Scott Bell Show;
Dr. Nasha Winters,;
Steve Ottersberg, biochemist on cannabis and terpenoids; and
Stephanie McKeith, Theta Living, Riverview, Michigan.

Special guest speakers this year are Dr. Antonio and Marcy Jimenez of Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, Mexico.

Given that, as Stephanie writes, "the number one reason for bankruptcy is due to medical expenses from cancer," proceeds from this year's convention will be donated to financially challenged patients. We here at Blue Water Holistic Health Network strongly encourage you to make a donation, whether you attend this year or not.

Buy tickets HERE. For carpooling and to otherwise connect with us during the trip, write us at Let us know you're going from our area!

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