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"Sculpt" for Weight Management and Health!

Are you tired of weight loss programs that don't work - or worse, endanger your health?

Your body is not 100% yours. It also belongs to your family, friends and anyone who loves or depends on you. This is too important to pass up, because this time it's going to be DIFFERENT.

Too often, weight loss is presented as something to be done on its own, outside practices that improve your whole health picture - indeed, prescribing dangerous drugs or encouraging bad nutrition while counting "calories." We're changing that, right now, right here.

If you're ready to finally lose that weight . . . and keep it off . . . while:

  • Regulating hormones,
  • Lowering biological age,
  • Guarding against insulin resistance and impaired processing of glucose, and
  • Supporting cardiovascular health, . . .

JOIN US for this  in-person, local gathering of kindred souls to learn about a NEW, expertly bioengineered and SAFE product with a free 30-day lifestyle program included. No purchase is necessary to attend.

Dr. Christina Rahm

Your new personal bioscience engineer, Dr. Christina Rahm.

Questions? Call Beth at 810-214-2283.

"Sculpt" Events

No events are set at this time; contact Beth at 810-214-2283 for future schedule

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