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Comprehensive Herbal Healing Class (Carolsue McCue, $45)

  • June 04, 2019
  • 6:00 PM
  • Collective Expressions, Market Square, 1114 Gratiot Boulevard, Marysville

 Image from Reservations are strongly encouraged for this expert-led class. Collective Expressions, Marysville, writes:

"A comprehensive introduction to prevention and healing with herbs, supplements and nutrition. The instructor will discuss how it works, which are safe and where to find what you need.

"You will also learn about how to fight infections; . . . keeping your body safe from x-rays; and herbs for anxiety, depression, alcohol, drug cravings and other special circumstances.

"[There will be] a large section on prevention of cancer from the leading M.D./herbalist that the American Cancer Society has sponsored. This class in no way intends to supersede your doctors' instructions.

"This workshop is led by Carolsue McCue [of The Herb Cottage in Port Huron], who studied herbal medicine in Switzerland. She also had the good fortune to study with [the late] Dr. Nicholas Gonalez in New York City. Dr. Gonalez was an M.D. and herbalist who treated pancreatic and other cancers.

"Extensive handout package included.

"To reserve your seat, call 586-295-4904."

See Facebook event page HERE.

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