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BLUE WATER HOLISTIC PRESENTS: The AWOON Holistic Health Fundamentals Course - for Health Coaches and Others

  • May 11, 2019
  • 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
  • Hampton Inn, 1655 Yeager Street, Port Huron
  • 18


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Become a health coach. Or simply attend this day of discovery for:

  • Natural health practitioners . . .
  • Nurses and physician’s assistants . . .
  • Health food store consultants . . .
  • Holistic career explorers . . .
  • Parents . . .
  • Or anyone seeking a deeper and broader understanding of how health really works.

Do you believe you could be healthier but don’t know where to look next? Have you ever relieved symptoms with a drug or natural health product but suspected a more serious issue lurking underneath?

Has the medical system left you with only partial relief and understanding? Perrhaps you work in the medical system and wish to offer your clients more options from a solid scientific basis.

If you are ready to help yourself and your family claim their true power to navigate the many options for health improvement, disease prevention and wellbeing . . . If you wish to learn in one day how holistic health therapies work, instead of taking decades to find out . . .

Please join us as we explore the care of self and others through holistic health – a fast-growing, essential skill in the 21st century. As we humans move ever further from the ways of nature, we face threats from pollution, nutrient-depleted food, unhealthy electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), and ways of thinking that separate us from our most authentic and fulfilling lives. When we look at our holistic (whole) selves, even our relationships might need adjusting.

Let’s change up the script. Let’s find a better way. Let’s meet together to take our power back through information. THE AWOON HOLISTIC HEALTH FUNDAMENTALS COURSE is designed to build a level of knowing that is basic yet life-changing. You will see health in a radically different and self-empowering way.


After a brief introduction and presentation on some memorization techniques helpful to retain information, Dr. Kabisch will divide the course and the day into four segments:

  • Basic Sciences, from chemistry, through anatomy, to pharmacology and radiology;
  • Specialties Focusing on Systems of the Body, including but not limited to neurology, oncology, rheumatology and obstetrics-gynecology;
  • Healing Arts, as ways to intervene and rebalance these systems, such as Oriental medicine, homeopathy, detoxification, herbalism, Ayurveda, nutrition, sound and light therapies, holistic dentistry and kinesiology; and
  • Special Topics around nutraceutical types, entheogens, EMFs, tools for optimal food preparation, the best books and journals, media and popular health personalities, new injection-based methods such as stem cell therapy, intravenous therapies, organizations, the highest quality vitamin and herb companies, and more.

Attendees are advised to arrive with an open mind, as theories that science has unscientifically rejected will be covered: paranormal phenomena, transmutation, Kirlian camera images, orgone, and the energy-focusing effects of pyramid structures. Students will develop a deeper knowledge of how and why – and for how many centuries – these energies have been documented to exist and aid in healing. The aim is not to change anyone’s spiritual perspective or faith, but rather, to begin on a journey of inquiry as to how they might enrich that perspective (or not).

We’ll get straight to work in the morning. There will be time after the class for member introductions and networking. Food and opportunities to relax and recharge will be served up throughout the day.


Thomas Kabisch, D.O., M.T., MDh brings 45 years’ experience in the healing arts to his quest to empower others for health and personal fulfillment. A lifelong learner and Renaissance man, he enriches his 25-year practice in osteopathy with many natural and complementary therapies for a scientifically sound, fully holistic approach.

After graduation from Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (Missouri), in 1993, and completion of an internship in Garden City Hospital (Michigan), he worked four years at the University of Michigan Health Center, treating both faculty and students. His 25-year-old private practice in Ann Arbor, Awoon PLLC, specializes in treating addiction, autism, cancer and “noncurable” conditions using innovative combinations of therapies including intravenous therapy, osteopathic bone manipulation and nutraceuticals.

Dr. Kabisch’s life experience has been enriched by his work in psychological research, mental health recovery and reintegration, court mediation and massage education. While living in Arizona, he served on the board of a major Pheonix-area food cooperative, supervised the operation’s educational programs, started a recycling center and organic garden, and attended organic food inspection school. Other experiences include air-conditioning repair, carpentry, computer subassembly, and founding and running a natural food restaurant and products business.

The first Port Huron-area class convenes on May 11, 2019, hosted by the Blue Water Holistic Health Network.

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