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BLUE WATER HOLISTIC PRESENTS: Field Trip to Winterfest at Palmer Park Detroit

  • December 09, 2018
  • 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Palmer Park, Woodward and 7 Mile, Detroit

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Healthy field trips are becoming a popular feature here at the Blue Water Holistic Health Network. This time it's just for fun as ice skating, showshoeing, Senator Palmer's restored vacation log cabin and hot chocolate next to a bonfire await.

Thanks to a great group called People for Palmer Park, "Winterfest" happens from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 9.

Whether you are a PROFESSIONAL or GENERAL member, healer or curious health consumer, you deserve a break this season. Talk with our health experts, share tips with other healing professionals, and just enjoy yourself for a day. This is a family-friendly trip!

We plan:
  • Our usual sociable, talkative carpooling or your own transportation;
  • Lunch in the new, hip Ferndale, at the beautiful GreenSpace Cafe;
  • Afternoon roaming and festivities at Palmer Park; and
  • The chance to grab an expertly prescribed fruit/veggie juice or smoothie across Woodward Avenue at the Goldengate Cafe.

Will you join us? Sign up - tentatively - for FREE here. You can change your mind after signing up, but we will update all who are interested, from the list there. Or see our Facebook event page if you prefer to opt in there, also at no cost.

All costs of the trip, gas money contributions, meals and souvenirs are yours to spend (or not) that day, at your discretion. We're simply organizing the trip.

FURTHER QUESTIONS? COMMENTS? SUGGESTIONS? Call or text Elizabeth Ely, Blue Water Hostic co-president, at 718-704-9672. Public relations wizard Marty Habalewsky of Port Huron has agreed to take charge of logistics for this event. Thanks, Marty!

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