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Change Cancer: 'Celebrating Life Birthday Party' Benefiting Lanie Offman's ALTERNATIVE Cancer Care (Theta Living)

  • October 07, 2018
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Young Patriots Park, Riverview (Downriver Detroit)

Stephanie Offman McKeith of Theta Living has supported the Blue Water Holistic Health Network from the very beginning. Let's thank her with a show of support for her sister, Lanie Offman, for her incredible courage in healing herself of breast cancer by accessing truly alternative methods at the Hope4Cancer Center in Mexico. Stephanie writes:

"I'm sure you've heard of those initiatives that promote 'one more birthday' for cancer patients.

"One more? No thanks, I'll take them all. I am so excited to introduce you to our newest fundraiser, Celebrating Life Birthday Party!

"Each event will support someone who is taking the non-traditional path to heal their cancer. Sadly, our system does not support this method of health and most integrative therapies are not covered by health insurance leaving patients to pay out of pocket . . . to get better.

"I want to support these people. I want to make sure everyone has the right to use their options AND to actually afford them as well. The only way to make change is . . . WITH CHANGE! We have to get into action to make this happen.

"The first recipient from this event will be Lanie Offman. She had one of the rarest, most aggressive forms of breast cancer. Doctors in the states told her there were no options, she was not eligible for surgery to stop the growth - they even had told her the cancer spread and she was late stage cancer. Palliative care chemotherapy was all they told her they could do for her.

"Off to Mexico she went, where the doctors and staff saved her life. This does not come without a hefty bill, though. So, I'd like to come together as a community and start a new wave of raising funds for cancer care . . . one that actually helps people heal.

"Please join us, bring an organic dish to pass and BE part of the ACTION in CHANGING CANCER! Pass the information along and invite all whom you know and could use more information. We will certainly be sharing resources at this event! . . .  LIVE plant raffle and LIVE entertainment."

"Have questions? Want to be involved? Contact us at or call 734-285-5020." Facebook Event HERE.

TICKETS: $Donation at the door.

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